Content Management System

Content Management System is an easy way to manage the content of a website. It is one of those sources through which even a layman can upgrade, edit and change the content on his website. CMSs are known for the ease that they provide to the owners of the websites and the features they are capable of providing. They help you keeping the content fresh and upgraded making it more appealing to your users.

CMS also makes a website more search engine friendly and thus you can rank higher on the search engines. CMSs are basically a result of two sub components namely Content Management Application (CMA) and Content Delivery Application (CDA). CMA is responsible for the management of the content on the website whereas CDA takes care of compiling the information that updates the content.


Drupal is content management system software that is beloved by a large and thriving developer community. The ever-evolving magnum opus of developer Dries Buytaert, the system, its modules, and its users and developers value the flexibility, simplicity and extensibility in the CMS coding.

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WordPress is now very popular we provides Word Press Customization with fully featured and advanced software for building highly customized CMS. It is open source that gives the provision of re-writing the code which means word press can be customized according to requierment the look, feel and the functionality of the pages and Contents according to your needs and choice.

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Joomla is considered as one of the best Content Management System launched under the GNU General Public License. Joomla is an open source CMS written in PHP for publishing and managing content on the web and intranets using a MySQL database. Through this the administrator can log in to the backend administration console and setup sections categories, content items, polls and much more, administrating the entire frontend of the website from a point and click interface.

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CMS is a software that is capable of supportive creation of documents and any other such content. Its main use till date has been to write user manuals, help documents and content for Web Pages. It is used to basically manage the content of the website i.e. ‘web content’. All sorts of business documents can also be prepared using the CMS. It’s use is not restricted to the operational manuals, technical manuals etc.

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